Use of cookies at

Cookies are an important part of the internet. Without cookies websites would be less interactive and useful. Online shopping would for instance be impossible. Cookies makes it possible for websites to remember and improve.


A cookie is data stored at the user´s computer when the user opens a website. A cookie might be used to see how often a website is visited, to map where the user navigates or store log in information. This might lead to a better experience for you as a user and a more optimized website. It can be very useful for a website owner to use cookies to log user patterns and use this information to improve the website.

Third-party cookies

These cookies will register if you are logged into Facebook or Google. Please note that ”FIRM NAME” do not have additional information about cookies by Facebook or Google. We use the measure- and analysis tool Google Analytics. You may read Googles privacy policy declaration here.


We want to provide you with relevant information while visiting our website, and will therefore store your information. This is mainly to better understand our users interests.

How to reject or delete your cookies

To reject cookies, you have to change the settings in your web browser. Where you find these settings may vary to which browser you use. Please note that if you do so, some functions and services might be impossible to use, because some functions needs to remember your choices.