Your stay


Price for one day is 1.200,- Norwegian Kroner , for four guests.

100,- ekstra for more guests.

500,- Norwegian Kroner for washing the house .

One week historical stay:

During this spesial seven day stay guests will be invited to  a supper in the home of the owners and on one day a traditional lunch will be prepared in their accomodation to demonstate how the old fire place and cooking methods worked . The pantry is kept well stocked with local produce ( including cider!)

Guests have  the  use of a boat , kyaks and bicycles. We are also available to drive people on sight- seeing trips and to  pick them up if needed.

Inclusive price for one week for four people is 9.000 Norwegian Kroner

Please ring us if you have any queries or special requests.

The garden

Outside and above the orchard  there is an area for eating , relaxing and enjoying the unrivalled 40 kilometer  views down the  fjord.,  It is  planted out  with traditional herbs,  soft berries and flowers .

The Pantry


You will tast what we produce on the farm. This includes  not only fruits in season but the local flat bread , home made jams and   preservatives .  We also serve fruit juices and  the  excellent cider which we actually make on the farm. .